Thursday, May 14, 2009


Funny Story of the Day:

How many of you have seen the Bandaid commercial where the little boy or girl gets hurt, and the mother kisses the booboo of the crying kid causing the kid to instantly stop crying? That is a mother's job right! Well, I always snuggle my son when he gets hurt...little or husband often says I am going to turn him into a "wuss". (I hate when men assume that a little one needs to soothe themselves because they are afraid of them turning into wusses...he is a year old! He isn't supposed to be a tough guy!)

Anyway, today I am about to hop in the shower when I hear my son start crying REALLY hard. I run out of the bathroom, naturally, to see what has happened. Apparently he had hit his head on the I reach for him (husband had picked him up at this point) and my husband says "I got it covered! You always get the hurt snuggles" Keep in mind the baby is reaching for me and crying because being cured by mommy is the routine. So I respond with "Just give him to me, he's reaching for me." Needless to say, an arguement actually developed out of this!

It wasn't a big arguement, but still. Doesn't this man realize that my heart physically hurts when he cries! So, we go from me babying him to hogging the snuggles?? MEN! lol

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